The First Blog Post

My name is Craig MacLure and, at the time writing this, I am an S5 student at my local high-school of Uddingston Grammar School. I’m currently studying higher English, Computing Science and Religious Studies and National 5 Maths and Music Technology.

My current interests lie in Libertarian politics; Buddhist philosophy; film and television; music and reading. I read mostly non-fiction books such as ones on Buddhism and politics although I like to read a lot of articles on current affairs, hence why I’m starting this weekly digest. I hope this digest will become a place for people who just want a quick, easy, calm read can go to. And maybe read a few of my opinion pieces which are on a wide variety of topics and the occasional film and television reviews

The main goal for me while doing this is to improve my writing and communication skills. As well as developing my political and social commenting skills. Hopefully, the improvement will be visible from this first blog to the last to heighten my chances of getting into university and use this website as a portfolio of my writings.  Which after weeks of writing, thousands of words, and millions of keypresses later I can reflect upon it and take pride in what I created.