The Week That Was – 17 September 2017

Parsons Green Bomb

On the 15th of September, around 8.20 AM, a home-made bomb failed to fully detonate on a stationed Tube train at Parsons Green Station.

This makes it the 5th terrorist attack on British Soil in 2017. Luckily this time no one was killed. 22 passengers were injured after the ball of fire rushed through the crowded carriage at rush hour.

The 'Bucket Bomb' used.
The ‘Bucket Bomb’ used.

Witnesses of the Parsons Green Station attack reported the shock and horror of seeing victims being dragged out of the station covered in blood.

Petter Crowley, a commuter on the Tube train, suffered burns to his head after the ball of fire filled the busy rush-hour carriage.

He told the BBC;

A fireball above my head has come and singed all my hair, I’ve got burn marks on the top of my head and everyone just ran off the train – it was quite scary

Peter Crowley source: @CUPID5TUNT
Peter Crowley source: @CUPID5TUNT

Experts say the home-made bomb appeared to have malfunctioned several stations before it was set to explode. If the bomb successfully detonated, possibly, dozens of lives could have been lost and much more injured.

Prime Minister Theresa May called an emergency COBRA committee meeting quickly after the attempted terrorist attack.

The Prime Minister said on Twitter;

My thoughts are with those injured at Parsons Green and emergency services who are responding bravely to this terrorist incident.

The Government, after the emergency COBRA meeting, raised the threat level from SEVERE to CRITICAL, meaning a terrorist attack is expected imminently. The Government most likely raised the threat level after the criticism it received from lowering it back to SEVERE so quickly, it was reduced only three days later after the Manchester bombing.

The police detained a potential suspect close to the Port of Dover, the suspect is known to be aged 18.  Kent police arrested the suspect at 7:50 AM under suspicion he was a terrorist. Kent police have described it as a “significant arrest”.

The suspect is due to be relocated to a south London police station tonight.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, of the Metropolitan Police, said;

We have made a significant arrest in our investigation this morning. Although we are pleased with the progress made, this investigation continues and the threat level remains at critical. 

North Korea’s Second Missile Test

North Korea launched its second ballistic missile across Japan, escalating tensions in Japan even more after committing a second nuclear test just two weeks ago. As well as the first ballistic missile test they flew over Japan only late last month.

NK test
A passer-by in Tokyo watching a TV screen reporting on the missile test.

This missile flew higher and further than the last missile test late last month. It reached an altitude of around 478 miles and travelling 2299 miles before crashing into the sea off Hokkaido, the South Korean Military reports.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that Japan would “never tolerate” such “dangerous, provocative action”.

Shinzo Abe and Theresa May
Shinzo Abe and Theresa May holding hands in her Japanese state visit.

The South Korean Military responded within minutes by firing two counter ballistic missiles into the sea to simulate an attack on the North.

This was after the UN’s Security Council unanimously agreed to restrict oil imports and ban textile exports, in the hopes that it would strain the North of fuel and income for its multiple weapon programs.

The North responded to these round of sanctions saying that the US should be “beaten to death like a rabid dog” and “The four islands of the [Japanese] archipelago should be sunken into the sea by the nuclear bomb of Juche”; (Juche being the ideology pioneered by Kim Il-sung, the founder of North Korea, it is usually translated to self-reliance.).

North Korea added;

Japan is no longer needed to exist near us.


Let’s reduce the US mainland into ashes and darkness. Let’s vent our spite with mobilisation of all retaliation means which have been prepared till now,

Kim Jong-un watching the launch of a Hwasong-12 missile on Friday.

Nevertheless, North Korea still hasn’t attacked America physically and has only a been war of words. Although Kim Jong-un is still testing and developing large-scale nuclear and ballistic missiles faster and stronger than ever before. If he continues like this, posses a real threat to not only Japan, South Korea, and America but the whole international community.

Apple’s iPhone X Launch Embarrassment

Iphone X

Apple’s most expensive (£999) and latest iPhone, the iPhone X, has been announced and is set to be released on the 3rd of November.

However, the launch didn’t go exactly as planned following a live demo fail of one of the phones’ main selling points, Face-ID.

A seemingly confident Craig Federighi, senior vice president of Software Engineering, was keen to demonstrate Apple’s new facial recognition software.

He explained to a room filled with eager press and nervous investors that;

Unlocking it is as easy as looking at it and swiping up.

But then the £999 phone failed to unlock, a flustered sweetly Federighi then told the audience;

Let’s try that again.

But the technology itself wasn’t the problem, he was prompted with a screen asking him to enter his passcode. A prompt which will pop up on current iPhone’s if it’s been recently turned off or restarted. But sadly budding investors didn’t know this at the time and quickly withdrew their shares in Apple.

A screengrab of Apple stocks shortly after the mishap.

The new iPhone will also include such features as; an edge-to-edge display; portrait lighting feature; wireless charging and 5.8 inches ‘Super Retina’ display.


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